Making A Targeting Mistake

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I have a confession to make.

I Broke A Copywriting Rule For Direct Marketing.

In fact I did not even realize that I broke a rule until I received my copy of my first client!

But first of all I have to say about myself. I am a junior copywriter which means that I am just a beginner in this awesome world of direct marketing. One day I hope to sit at the table with people like the big old hands before me. Greats like David Garfinkel, Doug D’Anna, Ben Settle, David Duetch, Gary Bencievega and good uncle John Carlton. I also hope to write a day for many of the best Direct Marketing companies in the world.

Yes my friends I am ambitious.

So what exactly did I do wrong that I have my copy rejected in the first place? Well, in my quest to find clients, I thought since Copy is advertising that it would “hit the pavement”, and would sell my services business to business in the hope of landing a customer or at least a prospect.

In my quest for landing my first client I encountered rejection after rejection. No one needed editorial services, but worse, none of these businesses had ever heard of writing or direct advertising.

Headlining the house defeated and tired I met an old friend who ran a small company of assembly of televisions. He confessed that the business was slow and that he needed more customers. When I realized his pain, I offered my services, he agreed. I went home, put on my deerstalker and went to work. I researched your target customers to find out their biggest issues, concerns, etc. I also went ahead and called the local newspapers to find out the prices to get their ads.

You name it, I probably did.

After a week I finished his copy of 1 page and called him with pride to let him know. Then … rejection.

“This was not what I expected,” he said.

I was annoyed, angry and hurt. I expected a more “traditional” form of advertising. During our discussion I realized my grave error.

“I should have sold my services to my target market!”

White market that means those in direct marketing!

This was my fault and I should have told him what I specialized in. It would have saved us headaches.

When you write copy you write for your ideal client in mind. You write about your pain, and how you had the same problem And you have a solution to your problem.

When I spoke with my friend I should have been clear on what copy it was and how I was going to look.

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