9 Ways to Advertise Your Business With Flyers

Business Advertisement

Flyers and postcards are a very inexpensive way to market your business and while well done it can be effective. Here are 9 ways to use a steering wheel:

1. Menu

For restaurants a menu is a good way to advertise your business. It is an indispensable printed material of low cost and makes a great “takeaway menu”. When printing your menu on a paper flyer is all in the design, because you printed a cheap flyer does not mean you have to look cheap! Saving on the cost of printing and hiring a professional graphic designer, visuals are very important in the food industry.

2. Coupon

A flyer makes a great coupon and if done correctly will pay for itself with the new business that it will bring in. Design the brochure to have an offer as well as all your contact information. The last thing you want to send a lot and the customer or prospect have no idea where you are or how to get in touch with you. The offer could be a fixed number or a discount percentage.

3. Product Information

Use a full color brochure to get product information you can display at your store, use at trade shows, drop off at other locations and / or distribute to customers and prospects. For a product information card the images are very important as well as a good description of the product or service to be effective.


There is no cheaper way to print an entire color invitation then an airman. Invite customers and prospects to your locations as often as you can. Use the flyer to leave in the stores of your community and in your business to deliver to customers and future customers.

5. Opening a new company

You have taken a leap of faith and now you are opening your business, congratulations! The only problem is that if nobody knows it is not very good. Create a brochure “We are open” to deliver to friends and people in the community; That many people know about your new business!

6. Postal

You can use a brochure as a full color postcard to send to customers and prospects as often as possible. It is a very effective and affordable way to communicate with a group of people efficiently without breaking the bank. Of course, this requires a budget for the mail service as well.

7. Events

You can print cheap brochures for parties and nightclubs, but also for corporate events. Whether you are having an open house, a block party, a charity event, a fair, or any other event a full color printed flyer is a must. If it is also within your budget, be sure to use advertise your events with a mailer as well.

8. Mailer

Commercial printing allows you to send cheap brochures as often as possible without much work on your part. In our days it’s just a matter of including a mailing label inside the graphic design and voila! A mailer only requires that you work on the contents of your flyer, take advantage of it.

9. EDDM (direct mail from each door)

An EDDM is all in the design and most commercial printers can handle the service. Use your Every Door direct mail to communicate special offers, new products or new services and events to your community.

These are just nine ways to use a full color custom brochure, but there are so many more ideas and options. Just be sure to incorporate brochures into your marketing strategy as often as possible.

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